Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Today I tried Covergirl Blast Flipstick in VIXEN.  Each Flipstick comes with two colors.  The colors can either be worn separately or blended together.   I tried wearing Vixen in three different ways.  First one shade alone, then the other shade alone and finally the two shades blended together.

Here are pictures of how the first shade looked on me.

I found this shade to be light and a little too pink for my liking.  But it is something I will wear in certain circumstances.

This is the second shade by itself.  It is more to my liking, being a rather light burgundy shade.  I will wear this shade by itself on a regular basis.

This depicts the two shades blended together.  I much prefer the previous light burgundy shade by itself and will probably wear that  the most.

The texture of the Flipsticks is creamy and light.  It felt good on my lips and is something I will wear on a regular basis.

I am a BzzAgent and I received the Vixen Covergirl Blast Flipstick for free.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Yesterday, I received the fabulous Covergirl Blast Flipstick Bzz Kit.  The kit contains 3 Flipsticks in the colors combinations of Stunner, Minx and Vixen.  Being a lipstick fanatic, I rushed to open the package and try the Flipsticks.  I tried the colors alone and blended together.  I still don't know which way or what combination I like the most.  They are all stunning.   The kit also contained coupons which my friends are gobbling up, so that they too can have the newest look in lip color.

Hurry and get yourself a Flipstick or two or more.  The Flipsticks come in 13 different combinations.  There is one that is sure to be perfect for everyone.  Brighten up your Holiday parties with Covergirl Blast Flipsticks.

I'm a BzzAgent and I got my Flipsticks for free.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yesterday I tried Orajel Cold Sore Single Dose Packets.  I have had an ugly cold sore for several days and immediately upon receiving the Orajel Packets from Smiley360, I went to work.  Application was very easy.  I woke this morning and there is noticeable improvement in my cold sore.  I strongly recommend Orajel for anyone that suffers from cold sores and Orajel Single Dose Packets are easy to carry, use and dispose.  All in all a great product.

See for yourself at:  http://smiley360.com/861246.cfm

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Glade Expression New Collection

Glade has once again hit the ball out of the park with their new Fragrance Collection.  New scents include Cotton & Italian Madarin, Pineapple & Mangosteen, Fugi Apple & Cardamom Spice and Lavender and Juniper Berry among others.  I have tried the Fragrance Mist as well as the Electric Warmer.  Both products are very effective in brightening up a room with slightly exotic scents which are pleasing, not overwhelming.  This is a product line I will continue to use throughout my house.  I'm a BzzAgent and I received products to try. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I'm a BzzAgent and I'm here to tell you about some new tasty treats to liven up your summer.  Private Selection has launched their Taste of Summer products.  Included in the product line are Angus Burgers (100% Angus Beef), Chips (Tortilla, Kettle, Rice and Beans and Pita flavors), Ice Cream (Sweet Honey Baklava and Cinnamon Chocolate flavors) and Six-Inch Pies (various flavors found in the Bakery Department).   It won't take much imagination to mix and match these delicious flavors to come up with a truly unique summer food feast.  Enjoy!!

Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm a BzzAgent and I'm learning new and valuable skills with Smarterer.  I've had several Smarterer parties with my friends so we can all learn new things about technology and test our skills against each other.  Smarterer has recently added new categories and questions to their site, so your learning can go on and on.  They can also be followed on Twitter to pick up valuable information about searching for a job.  All in all Smarterer is a must have tool in your tool chest for modern times.