Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm a BzzAgent and I'm learning new and valuable skills with Smarterer.  I've had several Smarterer parties with my friends so we can all learn new things about technology and test our skills against each other.  Smarterer has recently added new categories and questions to their site, so your learning can go on and on.  They can also be followed on Twitter to pick up valuable information about searching for a job.  All in all Smarterer is a must have tool in your tool chest for modern times.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm following SMARTERER on Twitter

I'm a BzzAgent and I'm following Smarterer on Twitter and finding a wealth of new information about the system.  They are adding new tests frequently and improving on the tests already out there.  Smarterer on Twitter also provides links to helping with your job search.  I am not currently looking for a new position, but by using Smarterer, I have greatly improved my skills for my current job.  It never hurts to improve yourself and Smarterer is a perfect way of doing this.  Not only can you test your skills and learn something, you can have fun doing it!

SMARTERER can help you get a job!

I'm a BzzAgent and I've been using my time testing my skills with SMARTERER.   Did you know that using SMARTERER can help you improve your knowledge of skills employers are looking for.  For example, how much do you REALLY know about browsers, blogging, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and others.  Use SMARTERER to improve your skills needed for that all important job interview.  Get the job and then come back to SMARTERER to continue getting Smarter.  Smart is a good thing!